Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hardest Part About Ordering Online Is ... ...

Waiting for the package to arrive at your doorstep.   Of course this can vary from company to company.

I order many things off Amazon Prime so 2 day shipping is included.   But not all my amazon orders are from prime.   It can vary seller to seller on how quickly the package arrives.   Two of my latest non-prime orders were shipped quickly from the sellers location, but not only that they arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

My son wanted me to order a sword from a website I had never heard of before called Twiggy's Treasures.   I didn't find a whole lot of information for reviews about this company online, so I ordered anyways.  The sword was about $20 and shipping was about the same.  Holy Buckets it arrived quickly. I ordered it Labor Day Monday The 5th (they were closed that day, duh for the holiday),  I think it was here at my door in North Dakota on Wednesday or Thursday.  Either way it was very fast shipping which was appreciated by my son.   The quality was amazing except for the wrap around the handle.  It wasn't bad, but the end piece needed to be glued down much better to secure it.  Thus I told my son to look at it as a blank canvas, and we removed the wrap that came on it.  It looked like a shoelace???   So we are working with different looks (ties) with paracord and have in the back of our heads that we may order leather strips for a OOAK personalized sword.   Overall we (my son because swords aren't my thing) my son is extremely happy with his purchases that was just a bit under 50$ including shipping.   I thought I would add that here just in case someone is on a goggle search considering an order from the company.

So now I await for 4 packages for myself......

1st to arrive from ELF Cosmetics on Wednesday September 14th.  This order has my mystery gift inside.
2nd to arrive from IPSY on Thursday September 15th.   I'm not really fond of the bag this month, nor the products.

3rd to arrive is from Birchbox on Friday September 16th.   I'm not overly fond over the products in this months box either.  And after last month just about everyone who received the eyeshadow shattered, and they did nothing about it unless you contacted them.   Given I had an issue with my card it was mailed out much later and arrived on August 25th I was thinking if I got the eyeshadow it would be in one piece.  Nope it was shattered.  That made me think they put them into the boxes that way and knew there was an issue.

So I am thinking of dropping both IPSY and Birchbox in turn for something else I will enjoy more. I'm not really into high end products, so the enticement of trying these high end products just doesn't so much for me.   The samples are generally on the very small size, so are you getting your money's worth?   Not really in my opinion.   What I will replace it with, I don't know.   Either that or I will just have $20 more to spend at the drug store.  Of course I will spend my points first before unsubscribing from the service.

Last, and 4th to arrive is from Wet N' Wild on Saturday September 17th.

When I placed my Wet N' Wild order it was because I really wanted the Limited Edition Pop Art Lip Gloss.   My local walmart doesn't carry them and only has a very limited sized collection of all the wet n' wild products they carry.  But several other items just happened to fall in my cart as well.

Don't you hate the moment after you click to complete your order online you suddenly realize that you forgot an item or three.  Ooops, that happened to me but luckily ELF often changes their free mystery gift so you don't feel bad about placing an order, sometimes even before your first order arrives.  I love ELF but their "free shipping" is slower than molasses in the dead of winter.  But hey I didn't have to pay for shipping so I'm half-way okay with that.

Currently it's "Snag 4 Top Rated Customer Favorites - For Free An $18 Value  Featuring our best-selling Ultimate Blending Brush.
Use The Code FANFAVE at the checkout with $10 or more.

But I might wait till the next freebie just to see what that one is, as I am not in any hurry to get my order when I haven't gotten my last one yet.  The code ends at midnight tonight, so that's just a few hours away.   Honestly, I don't need the Ultimate Blending Brush.  But there are other brushes that I wouldn't mind having.

Once my ELF and Wet N' Wild orders come in I will post pictures and what I ordered and whatnot.

OOPS Added 9-13-2016
I forgot to add that I also have an avon order on the way as well.   This morning I checked the tracking and I am crossing my fingers that it will be here in tomorrow's mail.   It's coming UPS then transferred to USPS.  Thus should be here tomorrow I hope..... Even though that order contains a couple of scents, a CC cream and a bronzer.  

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