Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ooops Things Happen In The Mail

Sometimes Things Get Damaged In The Mail.   BUT ELF is taking care of it and sending a replacement out to me right away for the damaged palette.  I will update when it arrives.

But for now, for those of you who are wondering about the #71818 Spotlight Ready Palette made by ELF Cosmetics.

Here are some pictures...... Including the damaged ones, but I think you can get the idea of the colors through the damage.

I did order the #85057 50 Pc Makeup Artist Palette mid August 2016 which is similar.

When I was ordering I could see similarities but I also saw differences.  But I was hoping that the blushes and bronzers were different because the photo on the ELF website was hard to see if they were or not by the type of photo they posted.  You can read about that below, where the picture is posted.   So when it arrived, well after I sent them an email to notify them it had been shattered I compared them.

So here are the pictures.

The Spotlight Ready Palette always remains in the upper portion of the picture while the Makeup Artists Palette remains at the bottom.   But with so many colors I flipped the bottom, Artists Palette so you could compare them two ways.   I put an arrow by the same color in the upper and lower picture so you can see how the palette was flipped.    It makes it easier for me anyways to see the two pictures when comparing so many colors.  There are a few that are the same, but many that are different enough to notice and some different colors all together.

click image to enlarge 

As you can see in the photo above the arrow is by the brown color on the left side.   With the palette flipped in the lower pictures the arrow is now on the left side.   While the upper palette, which is the new Spotlight Ready stays the same.

 click image to enlarge

Now onto the broken portion, the second layer of the palette.

I did lightly swatch a few colors on my fingertips.   But I'm not going to use the shattered one, but I'm going to try to repair the two shattered colors, one blush and one bronzer/contour and give the palette to my daughters tween friend that has pretty dark skin.   I think she will love it anyways.  Plus I don't think the two colors shattered will be a big deal to her as I don't think she will use them.   But I do want to try to repair them anyways so if she and another friend are doing their makeup she can use them with a friend.   I don't think my own daughter will care or not if she gets the broken palette or not as she enjoys makeup, has her own stuff but she isn't into it like her friend is.   Plus my daughter knows that she can, like her older sister rummage through my makeup drawers and use what they want at anytime.   They just have to return what they take.  LOL I'm working on that one with my oldest daughter...... Do any of you relate to that?   Not just with makeup but anything, guys.... tools....?   My teen son has his own tools for the same reason.

Of the 10 colors there is only one that is different.   Oooops, the palette in the upper portion is the Makeup Artists Palette, while the lower palette is the Spotlight Ready.  As you can tell because two colors are smashed!

Between the 20 colors seen below they are all the same color or close enough to be called the same.   Such as a color difference just from being made in different lots can account for that.   I did lightly swatch a few colors just onto my fingertips to compare.

The only two that are different are the two marked in the upper left corner of each palette.

On the older Makeup Artist Palette that upper corner color is a pale pink color.  I think I would still call it a highlighter, but it's one with a very distinct pink tone to it.  As shimmery (not glittery) as it is, I wouldn't use it as a blush.  

The Spotlight Ready has a typical white highlighter that has a nice shimmer and you don't need much to get the color payoff.   It's a very nice change to the Shimmering Facial Whip and the All Over Cover Stick, both in spotlight.

click image to enlarge 

I do have all the Facial Whips (except pink lemonade) as well as all the All Over Cover Sticks and they are quite lovely to use.  I do hope ELF takes that white highlighter and packages it similarly to their blushes as a single.  But the pink highlighter I think is a spinoff off one of the shades from their liquid and stick versions.  So I guess since they have the liquid and stick version of highlighters it would be nice for them to produce them all in powder formula as well.  I know like many others, I would buy all of them.

Now time to admit....... I do love the Makeup Artist Palette, and I reach for it quite often.   I've used many of the colors and find them quite lovely.  Even though from the picture it's hard to tell that I use it often.   But the lower section with the blushes and bronzers...... I've only swatched a few of the colors.  I have no idea why, the colors are lovely, and I've been on the search for a very light bronzer. So many are so dark and with fair skin I seem to have a heavy hand with bronzers and it looks stupid. So I am working on using a lighter hand and better placement.  I think I don't use it is because I don't see it.  Even though it's only a matter of flipping the two palettes from top to bottom.   But the colors really are nice, so I'm going to make it a point to start using it more.   I don't travel a whole lot anymore, but when I do it will really be nice to grab the one palette (either one) and have my eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, contour as well as highlighter.   Some eyeshadows from ELF aren't very good, with little payout and not pigmented.   But I haven't found that to be the case with the Makeup Artist Palette.   When i get the new palette then I can start playing around and be able to give a review on it, that I will blog about and post here as well as on the ELF website.

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