Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kindle Books For FREE

Ever since the kindle Fire came out I've been addicted.  I had two of the kindle non-fires what are they called white page kindles.    I've owned a number of them, and when a new one comes out, I sometimes have to upgrade.   But since I learned this trick I don't buy books very often.

I also take advantage of Kindle Unlimited.  For $9.99 a month, it's pretty much like having a library card.  You can check out 10 books at a time.  But then I like a lot of small how to, and advice type ebooks.    Which amounts to authors writing books based on google searches rather than actual experience or knowledge.   Some contain bad advice or wrong information.  But I still like them.

But there are also a lot of authors of actual books that are amazing and write just as well as well known authors.

Then there are ones that write a so called book that is more like a chapter and are selling their book chapter by chapter.   So buyer beware and always check out the number of pages in a book.   Some are what they call a novella and IMHO it's hard to write a book and get all the important parts the details in a book that short.   I tend to skip out on those.

I really use my kindle unlimited and when I find something that is important and I don't want to forget that I take a screenshot then crop the info that I wanted to keep rather than write it down. It's for my own information only, saved on my computer or kindle in a file that I can access when I am looking for particular information.  Or sometimes I save them to photobucket on a board that is private for my own use.  I also sometimes use word and paste the images into various titled pages that have specific titles so I can easily go back and find what I want.   No matter what, keep the info private for it's your own eyes and not shared with others.    It the same thing as taking notes, only much easier in a private way.   I guess you could also use blogger, making your whole blog private for your eyes only.  It's in the settings that you can do this.  Using labels so you can go back and find that information easier.   If you wish to publish your screenshot publically be sure you contact the author and ask permission first.   If you do not get a reply or are told no, then keep it private.

Anywho now back to how I get free books on amazon kindle.   I also like reading many types of books so when I find a book I want to read I save it to my watch list.   Each watch list will only hold 2500 items.   I keep my wish list to organize items.   For example this is how my books wish lists are organized
Books DIY
Books Romance
Books History
Books Kids
Books Fashion
Books Cosmetics

Then for non book items that I want to remember and maybe go back later and order.
Personal Makeup
Personal Mens Grooming
Personal Organizing
Kitchen Stuff
Household Items
Crafts Markers
Crafts Stamps
Crafts Punches
Crafts Silicone Molds

You get the idea.  Then I also have my Default List which is an organize later list.   I also have wishlist titled Order List.  I put items there that I am considering buying, or I want to compare a bit before deciding to place an order for one or the other.   It just makes it easier to find items.

When I find a book or item that sparks my interest I add it to the correct wishlist.

But for books, many authors offer their books for free from time to time for short periods of time. So by having them saved in a wishlist I can go back, change my settings from lowest to highest priced items and I can see the ones that are marked $0.00 and I click to buy that item.  Even if I know I won't be reading it now, or I may or may not like the book I still add it.   That way when it's free, I can buy it and should I ever want to go back and read it later, it's there.   If not, it's on the cloud waiting to download to my kindle at the click of a button.

Then at random I do searches for keywords that strike my interest.   Thus finding new books to add to my wish list.   I have bought hundreds of free books this way.

I also add them if they are not free, but offered using kindle unlimited.  Since I use that service I can easily find a book I want to read when I am in the mood to read a certain type of book.   Then I can check it out to read instead of buying it.  If I really liked the book I will leave it on my wishlist just in case it becomes free at some point.

I have a couple of thousand books on my cloud by using this technique.  But if I find a book I really want to read I do buy books from time to time.

But I should also add that I am not author specific, and only read new releases.  I actually prefer to select a book based on it's story line as I know the types of books that I prefer to read.

Some days I can find a dozen or more free books, other days it's just a couple, and other days it's none at all.

Since cloud is unlimited I just buy the book even if I am not sure I will like it or not.  Just because it's free and cloud is unlimited.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.......  

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