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Walmart FALL 2016 Older Age Beauty Box & A Couple Of Reviews

Walmart has their own beauty box if you didn't already know.   But they are only offered 4 times a year.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.   They are in the midst of their fall box.   When I found out about these myself it was when others were getting their boxes.  I signed up, but I had to wait until the next box to get my own box.

The good news is that they are only $5.00 which covers shipping, but I myself have found that getting the box is totally worth it.  It's filled with goodies that have a much higher value, in my opinion at least.

So far two have arrived at my house.  They come in two age groups, the younger and the older.....  The two previous boxes that came are the younger box and the one box that I got for the older age group arrived today.   While the two younger boxes were mostly the same, there were just a couple of differences.   You can find my review on the younger age boxes here. 

As you can see in the above photo a little bit as it’s shown when I first opened the box.  One item is hidden beneath everything.   It’s a small sample packet of oil removing oil.  It is a nice sturdy box that is great for reusing with the lid attached.   You will see that in the other pictures as the pictures are taken of the items standing up inside the box showing the bottom side of the box lid.

If you want to subscribe and get your own Walmart Beauty Box you can click on the link here and sign up yourself to get in on the next box, of Winter products.

Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Cool Essentials 48 Hour
With Nutrium Moisture

I have been using on and off over the years.  It depends on what scent I am in the mood for when I buy it.  So I'm not a person who is hung up on specific brands for the deodorant that I use.  It's a .5 oz sample and when you roll the deo up it rises a bit more than a half inch, maybe closer to three quarters of an inch so the sample size is quite generous.  

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
No Added Scent ~ Unscented

This is a very generous 1 oz jar of cream that is quite lovely and feels very nice on the skin.   If you don't want to use this as a moisture, you could also use it as an oil based makeup remover just as our grandmothers once depended on cold cream and oil of olay to remove their makeup and moisturize.  It can be used just as you would use an oil or cold cream to remove makeup since it contains an oil.  It does contain petroleum and I know some people are against it, I do know quite a number of people that need this level of moisturizing cream in the winter months or for other skin conditions. 

Burts Bees Cleansing Oil
With Coconut & Argan Oil.
Normal To Dry Skin

This is a smaller .16 oz sample, but definitely enough to cleans your face for one evening to remove your makeup.   Oil based cleansers do a very good job at removing makeup including waterproof makeup.  If you have oily skin please do not be afraid of using oil on your skin.   It has more benefits than you could imagine!

Colgate Optic White Platinum 
High Impact White

This is a full size tube containing 3.0 ounces by weight.  I've used this many times in the past and is actually one of the most common toothpastes that I buy.   I tend to rotate different brands just for variety or if I have coupons to use on another brand.   But I buy this one a bit more often.

Intensive Care
Advanced Repair
Unscented Lotion

Honestly i'm not a fan of these types of lotions.  To me they don't do much good containing so much water and glycerin.  Because of that they do feel watery to me and do not leave my skin feeling moisturized.  But instead dry and in need to apply more lotion.   I do make lotion from scratch and individual ingredients so I know how a good high end lotion is made and what it should feel like.  So these are just meh... to me.  However my daughter with very very sensitive skin does like this and it doesn't leave burning feeling on her skin.   However that is most likely because it doesn't have scent added.  So she will be using this up.  But I won't be rebuying it.  This is a 1 ounce tube of lotion.

Sensitive Skin Experts
Eczema Relief
Body Cream

This particular cream contains oatmeal as well as ceramide-3.  Enriched daily moisturizer clinically proven to fortify dry, itchy eczema prone skin.  My daughter has very sensitive skin and breaks out in a rash as well as her skin feels like it's burning with various skin care products.  So I am looking forward to see how this works for her.   As I wrote above I do make my own lotions, creams and other skin care products so I tend to avoid lotions that can be found at walmart.   But there is one or two that my daughter can use and likes that I picked up there in a pinch when I didn't have time to whip up a batch of my own for her.  This is a very small sample only containing .35 ounces or 10 grams.  That is about 2 teaspoons used for baking and cooking, rather than eating type teaspoon.

Multi-Correction 5 in 1
Chest, Neck & Face
Cream With Sunscreen

I'm really looking forward to trying out this sample of ROC Multi-Correction Cream that also contains SPF 30.  This is a very small sample at .17 ounces or 5 ml.  That's about 1 teaspoon measured with a baking cooking type spoon rather than the eating type.   Since it's a bit small I'm only going to use it on the chest area.

Last but not least.

Village Naturals Therapy.  Aches + Pains Muscle Relief.  This is a 2 ounce sample. This is a concentrated mineral bath soak.  Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Menthol Scented.   Looking at the ingredients I believe it to contain some essential oil, but it also says 'fragrance' so I know they have also added a fragrance oil that is lab made.

That is not a bad thing, in my opinion because I do make my own bath and body products and have sold for years and have well over 100 different scents in stock. It's most likely closer to 200 actually. BTW if you are thinking of making your own bath and body products please know there are FDA Laws that you need to follow in regards how the product is labeled.   And yes the FDA has gone after the small guy for improper labeling their products.  Just a warning because I see many selling without knowing there are federal laws that must be followed.  There are very specific information that must be on the label.   I'm only mentioning this here because so many people see, Oh bath salts, I can make and sell that without knowing they are actually breaking the law because I can guarantee it's not labeled correctly.  Just the same as food must be properly labeled so do bath and body products.   I'll get off my soap box right now.

My daughter tried out the sample that came in her box and loved it however she did use a 1 lb bag of epsom salt in her bath as well.  Which is actually closer to the optimal amount to add into your bath to get any benefits from the ingredients in the bath salts.  As someone who makes this type of product and sells it, I know the sample size isn't enough to be effective unless you are using it in a foot soak in a small basin and far less water..

The first 4 ingredients which make up the content are in names that are easy to understand rather than INIC names.  Basic Table Salt, Corn Starch, Sea Salt & Epsom Salt.  This is followed by the ingredients used to scent the product which is considerable smaller amounts.  Most likely around 3% to 5% total of all the scenting products that make up the total product.   This is the typical manufactures recommended amount for any essential oil or fragrance oil by weight.

It would make a wonderful gift for someone to make up a pretty gift basket to buy in a much larger bag at the store.   But I don't think I would be buying this myself just because plain Epson Salt is much cheaper that doesn't have any scent added and add 1-2 cups into your bath to get any effects from the ingredients.  I actually encourage my kids to use epsom salt soak in their baths because the benefits are wonderful for the body.   But this product has epson salt as the 4th ingredient and I could do without the first ingredient of basic table salt which can be drying to the skin.

If you want to subscribe and get your own Walmart Beauty Box you can click on the link here and sign up yourself to get in on the next box, of Winter products.

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