Friday, July 22, 2016

Liquid Pump Dispensers

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I'm not sure of their official name, other than to call them liquid pump dispensers.   They are often used for nail polish remover these days.

But if your old enough you may remember the bottles being brown with a white cap and the white letters forming alcohol vertically along the side of the bottle.   Found on the table in your local medical clinic.  This was long before individual alcohol wipes that nurses use these days.   Back then there would be a clear covered glass jar of cotton balls next the brown bottle.   If you were like me, and got sick on a regular basis you knew exactly what it was for.  Just like modern day, to clean the skin before an injection.

I have seen them in walmart a few times.  I saw them and thought that it was cleaver that they brought them back to use, but didn't buy one.  But when I wanted one I could no longer find them.  So I ordered one on ebay, from a US seller.  You can get them cheaper if your willing to wait for an overseas delivery.  Then a few weeks later I found one in Walmart in the clearance area!  I picked it up.   Then later I found them in Dollar Tree for just a dollar each.   I bought several in each color!   The photo above are two photo's that I found online and put them together in one photo.

The one I had bought on ebay had the words acetone written on the side.  If you want to use the bottle for another liquid other than nail polish remover just use nail polish remover (I used acetone) to remove the words without harming or distorting the look of the plastic.

What I wanted them for apart from nail polish remover, and I can't stress this enough to label each bottle with their contents.   Print a fancy one out and tape it on, or tape a piece of paper to the bottle with the contents hand written on the paper.   If you choose to write on the bottle itself with a sharpie I highly suggest that you cover your writing with 2" packing tape.   Otherwise the words get rubbed off or dissolved off.   This is critical that you label the bottle.

I love to use them for various products such as micellar water and various scented witch hazel that I use.   I also use them to put facial toner into as it makes it so much easier to use these types of products.  Pick up a cotton round and pump it on the top a certain number of times that you determine is perfect for you and your ready to use it.   Flip the cap over and vola' your good to go.

But I'm also going to put the solution in one that I often use on my dogs ears when they need it.  Perhaps distilled water in another to wipe two of my dogs eyes that tend to get crusties below their eyes.

So they are quite useful for a number of uses..... you decide how you would use them.

Because I can't predict the future and where this blog will go.  But I do know the law in this area so I'm just going to begin so there is no question.  Should someone wonder.   This blog is not sponsored and all products were bought by me with my own money.  

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